The Oogaboo Review

Membership in the Oogaboos is open to all enthusiastic, fun-loving, open-minded Oz fans. There are no dues or fees, but a working knowledge of the Oz books and a sincere desire to learn more are encouraged. The approximately quarterly Oogaboo Rendezvous started in 1978 and has continued on to the present. Meetings are usually held at a member's house and refreshments are provided in potluck style.

A typical Oogaboo Rendezvous consists of a potluck meal, an Oz quiz given by the winner of the last quiz, Show and Tell, and a "business meeting" which takes care of Oogaboo functions. The Oogaboos have no leader (although we adore our Queen Ann and lavish her with much-deserved praise), and therefore no elections or other highly organized events. Members make decisions by consensus, often with a hearty dose of resigned volunteerism involved.

Future Meetings

Announcement List

If you'd like to join the Oogaboo Annoucement List, please click here and fill in the blanks. You can also leave the announcement list from the same page.

Past Meetings

This is a very limited list of known dates of Oogaboo Meetings, with more information provided in links if there is more information to be had. This list will be expanded as time allows.

Note: If anyone has dates or information about previous Oogaboo Rendezvous Meetings, please let me know so I can add them to this list.


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