The Oogaboo Review

Oogaboo Rendezvous - December 29th 2006 - New Y'Oz

Hosts: Eric and Laura Gjovaag, at Eric's Parents House in North Seattle (Ravenna). This was the last Oz event held at the Gjovaag's Seattle home, as they are selling it and moving to Manchester in January.

In attendence: Eric & Laura Gjovaag, Karyl Carlson & Lacey, Marilyn Carlson, David & Dwayne Baker, Rosemary & Diane Jones, Robin & Arlene Hess, Bill & Hilary Loud, Evie MacDonald, Beverly Mendheim, and Kirk Stines.

As soon as Kirk arrived, he led a field trip over to Third Place Books across the street. Gasoline Alley was also open. Those who remained at the house discussed the recent windstorm and their power outage experiences.

Business Meeting:

Group Discussion - Magic Workers in Oz. Led by Robin Hess. After Ozma outlawed magic, there were at least ten magic users who appeared in the books. Robin is trying to compile a complete list of other magic users. Are there magic licenses in Oz? Robin was asked to post his research to the mailing list for everybody to read and comment on.

Show And Tell: Eric gave Hilary a belated Quiz Prize from last Rendezvous... the Dorothy of Oz calendar. At the discussion of calendars, a Snapfish calendar Laura made for Eric's Grandmother was passed around to show the high quality of on-line created calendars nowadays. Eric also showed off "The Discontented Gopher" and the recent Wizard of Oz comic translated from the French and published by Image Comics. Robin showed off the third volume of the French comic, still in French. Karyl showed off a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament she got for Christmas and an Emerald City bracelet made for her. Marilyn has some Oz window clings she got from Karyl for Christmas. Hilary has located a shop in Eugene that focuses on certain stuff, and has a large Oz selection. Lacey showed off her High School Homecoming T-Shirt: "There's No Place Like Home." Robin showed off his Oz presents, including "The Navy Alphabet" and a metal "Wizard of Oz" movie sign. He also got a Chinese edition of "The Wizard of Oz" from Hong Kong and "The Spiritual Journeys Along The Yellow Brick Road".

Food: Lots of snacks and finger food provided to start the party. Grape tomatoes, do-it-yourself ham sandwiches, cake, cookies, nuts, grapes, punch, tons of sparkling cider, coffee, tea. Lots of salads and pasta. Beverly brought chicken empanadas. We also had ham and bean soup. Kirk brought his usual ice cream for dessert. An unfortunate bowl shortage forced people to wash soup bowls for ice cream.

Quiz: Presented by Hilary Loud - "Mystery Title/Word Search"

Quiz Winner: Eric, who received the top prize and conceded the next quiz to David, Robin was second, Beverly and Karyl tied for third, Rosemary was fifth, and Diane came in sixth.

As the quiz was wrapping up, Eric's parents and the pug Buddy arrived home, and Buddy immediately started cleaning up the floor from any lost crumbs. The party didn't continue long after the quiz finished.