The Oogaboo Review

Oogaboo Rendezvous - October 28th 2006

Hosts: Robin and Arlene Hess, Vashon Island

In attendence: Robin & Arlene Hess, Bill & Hilary Loud, Eric & Laura Gjovaag, Beverly Mendheim, David Baker, Jennifer Way, Sharon Link, Karyl Carlson, Marilyn Carlson, Rosemary & Diane Jones, and special guest Valentine the Cat.

Costumes: Jennifer as Dorothy, Hilary as the Wicked Witch, Karyl as our wonderful Queen Ann... in a rather risque outfit for said queen.

Quiz: Presented by Eric Gjovaag - "Celebrating Fifty Years of the Wizard of Oz on Television"

Quiz Winner: Hilary, with 12 out of 14 correct. Second place was a three-way tie between Rosemary, David, and Jennifer.

Show and Tell: Mostly passing around catalogs with cool Oz stuff: What on Earth, Betty's Attic, and Avon. Also, Robin had a magic wand which we used to zap everyone with, and Robin brought out Spot the Roomba who cleaned up some early party fouls while we all watched in fascination.

Business Meeting:

Group Discussion - My Favorite Ozian Incident. Led by Robin, we each discussed our favorite moment from the Oz books. Some moments: The discovery of Tik-Tok, Egg drop on the Gnome King, and Rosemary simply said, "Wheelers". The conversation then turned to how we were introduced to the Oz books. Robin was testing the topic for possible use at the Winkie Convention.

Food: The usual potluck. Hilary brought a number of low-fat snacks. Beverly brought a wonderful chile and chicken bake and a spicy pumpkin pie. There were leftovers of many dishes, including the pigs-in-blankets!