1. What was the date of the first television broadcast of The Wizard of Oz?

2. Which of the three hosts for that first broadcast went on to found the International Wizard of Oz Club a few months later?

3. This person got to get on the air because s/he loaned what to the network for the broadcast?

4. Which of the networks showed the movie that year?

5. The network showed The Wizard of Oz because MGM wouldn't let them show what other famous movie from 1939?

6. After the movie became an annual tradition beginning in 1959, there were a number of celebrity hosts so as to pad the showing out. Which of these stars did not host the movie in the 1960s?

7. Which network snapped up the rights to show the movie, and showed it from 1968 to 1975?

8. The 1970 broadcast was the first showing after Judy Garland's death. Which of her famous co-stars hosted it with a brief retrospective?

9. Since the new network paid so much for the rights, they had to do something to make more time for more ads. Besides dropping the hosting segments, what did they do?

10. When Ted Turner bought the MGM film library, he immediately made a deal with the network to extend the contract for The Wizard of Oz in exchange for the television rights to what movie?

11. As a result, what was the last year that The Wizard of Oz was shown on one of the big three networks?

12. Television broadcasts of The Wizard of Oz have been tied in at one point or another with which holiday?

13. Since migrating to cable, which of these Turner stations has not shown The Wizard of Oz?

14. Which now defunct broadcast network showed The Wizard of Oz four times, beginning in 2002?

Note: Question #8 has been corrected for this version. Answers are available upon request.